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Hope Mooberry (Missuri)
Residente A.A. 2010-11Studentessa di Ingegneria Edile presso Missouri University of Science and Technology I didn't understand what the Villalta was when I signed up to stay there during my semester...
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Mariacarla Galli
Residente A.A. 2011-12Master in Shipping e Logistica IV Edizione I forestieri di passaggio a Napoli in primis conservano le memorie del mare, della pizza, dell'odore meraviglioso di sfogliatelle e...
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Rana Amache (Beirut)
Rana Amache (Beirut)Residente A.A. 2010-11Dottoranda presso University Of Westminster - Cavendish CampusOn the 1st of June 2010, I arrived to Napoli, a strange city, where I knew absolutely no one....
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Rosa De Vito
Residente da A.A. 2008-09 a 2010-11Laureata in legge. Aspirante notaio Villa Alta è per me un’esperienza straordinaria, un momento di crescita personale, culturale e spirituale. Personale...
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Marilena Iannicola
Residentne da A.A. 2003-04 a 2010-11Laureata in legge. Lavora presso Banca di Italia Fino all’anno scorso ero una residente di Villa Alta o meglio quella che qualcuno avrebbe definito con...
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Hope Mooberry (Missuri)

Residente A.A. 2010-11
Studentessa di Ingegneria Edile presso Missouri University of Science and Technology

I didn't understand what the Villalta was when I signed up to stay there during my semester in Italy. I wasn't expecting to learn much from my residence, I was expecting to learn from my travels through Europe on the weekends and from my classes. But looking back on the experience, I learned more from living at the Villalta than I did from the other parts of my trip put together!

Not only is the residence absolutely beautiful, the girls and women living and working at the Villalta are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I was amazed at how it is possible to get to know someone, even though you cannot communicate with each other through language. Surprisingly, I feel like I was able to understand truly who these women are as people better than I would have been able to if I had been able to communicate through language! The girls showed me patience and love as they introduced me to their country, language, and culture. They welcomed me into their lives.

I immediately considered the Villalta as my home. After taking weekend trips, I would be so excited to return back to the
Villalta! The girls were my family.

Living at the Villalta, I learned so much about Italian culture, economy, and world events. Being able to eat homemade, Italian cooking at every meal was so cool! Everyone I tell about the food is extremely jealous! I was also very impressed with the girls' interest in what is going on in the world and in politics. I very much enjoyed getting together after lunch for tertulia to read through the newspaper- I had never done anything like this before and I respected the practice very much. I also learned more about proper table manners, which I found very interesting. Now my friends laugh at me for the "proper" way I cut my food! Also, I am a protestant, and I very much enjoyed sharing my relationship with God with the girls. Everyone was eager to understand my beliefs, and I never felt judged. I had some very good conversations about the differences between Opus Dei and the way I see and worship God, and I learned there are not many! God is good and is truth, and it is amazing how He is the same through different cultures and different languages. This was a beautiful realization- that even when we cannot speak to each other, God speaks to us all, and unifies us in His grace and love.

When people ask me what I learned from my experience abroad, I always tell them the things I have learned by living at the Villalta! I cannot thank those beautiful women enough for being such gracious hosts and great friends. I will always remember my few months living in the Villalta with extreme fondness.